INC Web Site Design And Consultancy - Accepting Credit Card Payments
Every Web Site designed by INC Web Site Design And Consultancy allows customers to easily pay by post using a cheque. However, many of our clients would like to be able to offer their customers the convenience of making secure credit card payments online via their Web Site. This can be technically very complicated, requiring merchant status approval from the Web Site owner’s bank, and is usually prohibitively expensive since :

The client’s bank will probably demand a substantial Deposit as security against refunds,
They also frequently demand an exorbitant “Arrangement Fee”,
Rental of expensive secure web space is needed in order to verify and process the credit card transactions,
Commissions deducted by the banks for each transaction can be double their normal credit card charges.
Banks often also require payment of a monthly “Service” Charge.

For these reasons INC Web Site Design And Consultancy do not offer online credit card processing facilities for our clients, since we did not believe that the set up costs and ongoing expenses were justified.

However, PayPal is a simple, cheap, cost effective solution that will satisfy the online transaction processing needs of almost any business. PayPal is a solution that does not require Deposits, Arrangement Fees, secure web space, exorbitant Commissions or Service Charges - and all money transmitted to you will be automatically paid in to a Credit Card Account of your choice.  

PayPal, which is owned and operated by eBay, allows individuals and small businesses to make payments to each other in most major currencies and to almost any country in the world, without Set-up Fees and for the same Commission as a normal credit card transaction. In fact, the Commission Charges can be as low as 2.2% plus 30c per transaction. No matter which currency you sell in, all payments made to you will be in Sterling.

The PayPal system is secure, convenient and cost-effective, and is trusted by many millions of individuals and businesses all over the World.

How PayPal Works

The basic requirement is that both parties are PayPal members, i.e. the web site owner and the web site visitor who wishes to purchase goods from it. If a potential buyer is not already a member the PayPal sign up process is fast and simple, and because of PayPal’s reputation and vast worldwide membership there are few prejudices about Internet-aware customers signing up. With PayPal, you can start accepting online credit card payments instantly. In addition, PayPal offers a full suite of tools to keep your payment processing running smoothly, so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

Against the goods or services you wish to sell there will be either a “Buy Now” or “Add To Cart” button which the purchaser clicks. This takes him to a secure payment page, which has already been programmed with your product or service description and the price. They enter their details and make the appropriate payment. The sum is deducted from their credit card account and transferred to your credit card account in Sterling, net of PayPal’s Commission, and both parties receive confirmation that the transaction has taken place.  

How INC Software Can Help

For security reasons you will be asked to set up your own PayPal account if you don’t already have one. It is very easy to do, but we will give you as much guidance as you need.
Once your PayPal account is set up all we need is the special e-mail address that PayPal uses to transfer money to you. Using this e-mail address w can program the appropriate “Buy Now” and / or “Add To Cart” buttons to your web site in order to accurately reflect your product descriptions and prices

We do not need to know your PayPal user name or password, nor will we will never know or need to know your credit card details.

Our Costs

If all you want is a single “Buy Now” button on your Web Site we will include this in the price of your Professional or Commercial Web Site Design Package. If you sell a range of goods or services you will need a more sophisticated Shopping Cart PayPal solution. This requires a greater degree of specialist programming, and we will be happy to quote a special price to you, which we can only calculate when we know your requirements.
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